The company

Integral Climate Change Solutions was launched in response to the urgent need to promote integral design into development projects, from small private developments to ones covering issues of strategic national importance, such as coastal erosion. In particular, 2017 saw the rise in many rich countries of an anti-intellectual, anti-science backlash, a response in other countries to double-down on sustainability commitments but, in poor countries, the continuing migration of people away from highly stressed areas due to resource scarcity and often, sadly, the resulting conflict.

Governments, municipalities, businesses and communities are the beneficiaries, enablers and participants in integrated solutions like these.

The Founders

The founders have backgrounds in integral theory, community engagement and sustainability in construction and have dedicated their careers to finding a better way to live in harmony with the planet, but at an urban scale. The team has experience in projects in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia. In design, we are able to draw on a network of subject matter experts and engineering firms, and in construction we use a combination of specialist contractors and local general contractors, depending on the project

Bjørn Heyerdahl


Bjørn is an active explorer, environmentalist, Biospheric designer, Internationally Renowned Speaker and consultant on humanitarian, environmental and development issues, with vast corporate and human development experience.
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